The "Secret" to Getting High Grades

(It's no different than other types of success)

Glenn Frey, the late and great co-founder of the band The Eagles, shares a significant “aha moment” in his career – inspired by Jackson Brown’s work ethic – when he came to the realization of what it takes to write great songs. It wasn’t inspiration, talent, or luck. It was “elbow grease, time, and persistence.”  What it takes to write great songs is no different than what it takes to achieve academic goals. As a student myself, a father of five students, and an observer of many College Tutors students, I know of not one A student who doesn’t work hard for their high marks. Being an A student has little to do with ability and everything to do with work ethic, consistent study, repetition, and a “get it done” attitude. In other words, “elbow grease, time, and persistence.” 

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While hard work is a necessity for achieving academic goals, it is common for students to sometimes need additional guidance and support outside of the classroom. In fact, a common trait of many successful students is that they know when to ask for help, and they find it. If your student needs some assistance in school – whether it’s Math, Science, English Lit, History, or Study Skills help – let’s talk. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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