Why is Math Important?

Our math tutors and parents often hear the question, “Why is math important?”  The answer, for students pursuing careers directly related to math – mathematicians, scientists, engineers, etc. – is pretty straightforward as math is a fundamental skill required in their work.  However, math is essential in many aspects of a person’s life, regardless of their career, including everyday problem solving, critical thinking, personal finance, measuring, to name just a few areas.  Bill Owen, Director of Mathematics at American Public University, provides more insight here: “Why Do We Study Mathematics?” 

Something that our math tutors observe on a regular basis is that a students’ math struggles have very little to do with the potential of the student.  Nearly all students have the intellectual capability to comprehend most levels of math.  Any obstacles in math can often be related to a number of reasons; a simple misunderstanding of a basic, but foundational building block, teaching methods that don’t match well with the student’s learning style, lack of good study skills, even a lack of confidence.  

If you are struggling in math, a good place to start is an assessment to reveal proficiency level and pinpoint gaps.  Learn more about assessments in our Gap and Prep tutoring here:  College Tutors Gap and Prep Tutoring

We can help students pinpoint core issues, set meaningful goals, get back on track, gain confidence, and achieve their targets.  We start with a baseline assessment and discovery of root cause of issues, then continue with our SPARK methodology of building Study Strategies, Personalized instruction, student Accountability, continuous Reinforcement of lessons, and regular Knowledge progress and gap assessments:

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