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Think about activities you’ve done that simply came easier to you the second time around – a challenging recipe, a DYI house project, or learning a new song – and apply that concept to a new science or math class.   How much easier would it be for a student to get off to a great start in that Chemistry1 or Algebra II class if they started the semester with some familiarity of these subjects?  That is exactly what College Tutors Summer prep tutoring accomplishes.

Our prep tutoring introduces students to the core subjects of a particular class with the aim of familiarizing that student to the new material, so it won’t seem so “new” when the actual class starts.  This is an effective strategy that will greatly increase the odds for subject mastery and high scores in the forthcoming semester.  All prep curriculum is directly aligned with Indiana’s Department of Education’s academic standards.  Curriculum usually consists of eight, one-hour sessions.  

With few distractions, and more flexibility, Summer is an optimal time for tutoring!  Contact us to learn more about our Summer Prep Tutoring.

Math and Science Prep

Language Arts & History Prep

Summer prep includes assessment, eight sessions and supplemental lessons.
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College Tutors Prep Curriculum Guides

Curriculum for each program is based on Indiana academic standards. Current standards will be reviewed prior to each program to ensure curriculum is current.

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