Tips for Improving Your History Grades

History is oftentimes either a student’s favorite subject or least favorite subject.  Either way, history can be difficult for students to grasp, especially if a teacher is not engaging (example- students only watch videos or movies in class). Here are some tips to improve your grade and to stay engaged..

Many teachers assign chapter or section reading for homework. Active reading includes taking notes, highlighting, etc. Many chapters break down events or important details into sections, which is helpful when taking notes.  This suggested example outline will help you to take great notes and grasp the information better:

Create a Mind Map to Establish Connections:

Create Flashcards of Important People Dates and Events

Quizlet.com is a great way to efficiently make flashcards.  They are saved online, easy to organize, and won’t get lost.

Use Crash Course and Kahn Academy

Watch Crash Course on youtube.com to get more information on something you don’t understand or to quickly brush up on a certain event or period of time. Crash Course has videos on World History, U.S. History, and other subjects.  Khan Academy also has lessons on World and U.S. History to further solidify your knowledge on these subjects.

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