AMP up your tutoring sessions with our proven AMPS approach.

The right tutor can be a game-changer for students, especially if there is a good connection between the student and tutor, the student is prepared (this goes for the tutor as well), and tutoring is consistent.  Some students make the mistake of relying on the tutor to do too much of the “heavy lifting” involved with the process of overcoming challenges and learning the material in way that the learning is retained.  When students take some ownership of their tutoring sessions by proactively identifying their goal for the session, and sharing this with their tutor prior to the session, tutoring productivity dramatically increases.  Our AMPS approach will help students organize their priorities and respective goal(s) for their sessions, get in the right frame of mind for their sessions, and help prepare the tutor for a productive session…

AMPS is a simple exercise that should take a few minutes to complete.  Completing this at least a day before the tutoring session is important.  Let’s get started and get your session off to a great start…


Assess what you should know and what you don’t know.
Make a list of what you don’t know.
Prioritize this list.
Share with your tutor.

Assess:  For the tutored subject, assess what you are supposed to know on your next exam, or to be completed for your next project.   

Math Exam
You have a Geometry exam approaching.  Using your student packet or other material, identify what specific topics should be understood for the exam: radius, diameter, tangent, etc.   If you aren't clear on what will be covered on the exam, ask your teacher.   

Literature/Writing Assignment
You are to write how Tom uses satire in the Sunday school scene in "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer."

Then, assess your gaps.  Given what you are suppose to know or complete, in what areas are you struggling?  If it's "all of the above," fine...Just know what you don't know!

Make a List.
From what you assessed, make a list of what you should know for your next exam, or what needs to be understood for completing your next project. Write it down in your planner!  

Geometry exam.  Topics on exam:
Circles/Diameter/Arc/Chord/Secant/Tangent/Congruent concentric circles

Prioritize the list.
From your list, in what areas do you need the most help?  Write these out.  This becomes the goal of your tutoring session.

Geometry exam.  Topics on exam that are the most challenging to me:

Share with your tutor:  Share your priority list, or session goal, along with any available screenshots of relevant material - assignments, exam study guide, project outline, etc. - with your tutor.  Also, bring your existing work and related materials to your session

To share, send to your tutor's email, your contact at College Tutors of Indiana, or through the College Tutors of Indiana Student Portal using these steps:

Log in to Student Portal/Click on Study Log/Click on Add Time/Choose your tutor under "Email Tutor"/Click Add a File/Upload screenshot or file, "SAVE."

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