SAT Preparation and Tutoring

A Framework for Success

For many students, preparing for the SAT means working with a qualified SAT tutor who can help the student achieve their target SAT score.  Working with a tutor, however, is by no means a guarantee for success.  Sure, students may bump their score a few points, but receiving tutoring alone isn’t a magic wand that will result in a significant score increase.  What sets apart average scores from high scores is the commitment of the student to thoroughly complete all aspects of the SAT tutoring program, including – and especially – the work and practice outside of the tutoring sessions.

Student's Commitment is the Key to SAT Success​

Our SAT tutoring is based on the Summit Education Group curriculum, and involves five key categories: full-length practice exam with score analysis, tutoring sessions with subject lessons, lesson preparation, homework, and section practice tests.  During a tutoring session, the student and the tutor work on specific content – Math or Reading, Language & Writing (RWL) and how to approach specific questions.  After each 90-minute, two lesson session, the tutor assigns homework – designed to solidify concepts learned in the tutoring session – and a sectional practice test to further strengthen the student’s SAT readiness for that material.  To achieve target scores, it is critical that the student commits to this homework and practice.  By investing this extra time outside of tutoring, students are able to practice working through questions, challenging themselves, and staying on top of the material.  The practice also helps to acclimate the student to the nature and pace of the actual exam.

Five Components to College Tutors/Spark SAT Prep Program:

  • Full-length practice exams with score analysis
  • Tutoring sessions with subject-based lessons
  • Lesson preparation
  • Homework
  • Sectional practice tests

Practice, Practice, and Practice Some More!

If the student doesn’t commit to completing the homework and practice sessions, they will risk creating gaps in content knowledge, and will not be able to move forward with the material at the pace needed to productively complete the tutoring plan.  While the homework helps to reinforce the learning of the subject material, the practice enforces the pacing students need to complete the test efficiently. When the student times themself while working on practice tests, they naturally increase their awareness of how they are using their time. The practice also enables the student to identify the most challenging questions to them, so they can prioritize time with their tutor on these topics, and develop a strategy for addressing these questions on the actual exam.

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